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Software assurance security

Software Assurance is available to purchasers who have purchased a Medscribbler EMR system and wish to remain current. The Medscribbler Software Assurance program is to "assure" that Medscribbler is always upto date with the latest version. Normally Software Assurance is purchased along with a Support Package . Some purchasers may not need or want any software updates. The Software Assurance plan is mandatory and must be purchased from the date of intial installation otherwise the full upgrade or new purchase price applies.

  • Better planning of IT budgets and deployment projects.
  • Integration with the support plan gives "bulletproof" uptime.
  • Increased ease and predictability of software and hardware migrations.
  • Optimized user benefits while minimizing support costs.
  • Provides greater flexibility in managing technology expenditures.
Included in the plan:
  • The latest Medscribbler version enhancements
  • Any current Medscribbler service packs
  • HIPAA compliance amendments
  • Government e-prescribing compliance changes
  • Medication database releases
  • All procedure & ICD code releases

Medscribbler Software Assurance (SA) is the planned and systematic set of activities that ensure that the Medscribbler software process and products conforms to requirements, standards, and procedures. "Processes" (...)

(...) include all activities involved in maintenance ; "products" include software, associated data, documentation, and all supporting and reporting paperwork.

The role of SA is to give the purchaser the assurance that the officially established process and product is actually the most currently implemented Medscribbler. It ensures that:

  • The purchaser is aware of Medscribbler development.
  • The purchaser receives the most current version of Medscribbler.
  • Reviews and audits are conducted of purchaser use.
  • Documentation or other support is produced for maintenance and enhancement.
  • Software changes are managed.
  • Any deficiencies and deviations are identified and brought to management`s attention.

Software implementation and maintenance can be a complex process for the purchaser. There are technical risks such as using the software as envisioned, risks in modifying office procedures to fully utilize the software and risks such as the project will overrun cost or schedule. The goals of SA is to reduce these risks by:

  • Ensuring an on-going relationship with Medscribbler staff.
  • Ensuring changes to Medscribbler are brought to the purchaser's attention so that there can be a planned implementation.
  • Ensuring the purchaser has the most current Medscribbler for their use.

Medscribbler SA is not for training, product set-up, installation and "troubleshooting" These are covered under Medscribbler Support.